SARAH (Feature)

Sparked by trauma, a young boy's obsession with lifeless eyes relentlessly dictates his psyche, leading to adolescent violence and adulthood retribution.

Genre: Psychological Horror | Length: 80 min


Semifinalist of Low Light Pictures International Screenplay Competition 

A bright flash of light blinks out every human on the planet, except for one young Chicagoan living alone in a small studio apartment. (WGA #1858183)

SARAH is exactly the kind of restrained, thematically rich horror film the genre needs more of.
— Black List evaluator on SARAH

Genre: Sci-Fi Thriller | Length: 13 min


The painfully normal life and humdrum job of a field rep at Calamity Coverage — an insurance company formed in the wake of Boston’s recent surge in superhuman activity — is violently interrupted when he is caught in the middle of an absurd rivalry, one that may leave the fate of the city in his ordinary hands.

Genre: Action Comedy | Length: 90 min

BOOS (Feature)

After visiting a haunted bar, a young man becomes possessed by the evil spirit of an Irishman bent on killing every drunkard in Chicago, and it's up to his friends to exorcise the spirit before it's too late.

Genre: Horror Comedy | Length: 90 min

BOOS has a fresh premise, wicked sense of humor and outrageous ending that has the potential to resonate with B-movie and niche horror fans.
— Black List evaluator on BOOS
Despite the craziness of its premise, it’s fantastic that the writer is able to give distinct personalities to all its characters without sacrificing the quality of conversation simply for effects.
— Black List evaluator on CALAMITY COVERAGE